We are cash home buyers in Arizona.
Are you in Arizona, and want to sell your house… FAST

THEN CALL US 602-566-9119 or visit our website http://www.aigrei.com/ and use our Free Cash Offer Form to initiate the FREE consultation for a cash offer to buy your house in a very short period of time. So you want to get rid of your home?

Then Go ahead and call us… We are the CASH HOME BUYERS

People like to sell fast. Here are the 3 most popular (potential) benefits –
It may reduce stress.
Avoid bad credit
Allow you to move on
and in many cases people can walk away with C A S H!
Its fast and Easy.

How does this work?
Just give us a call, or visit our website & fill out our Free Cash Offer Form.
We’ll assess your property,
And make you a cash offer within 24 hours.

We buy houses all over Arizona and help homeowners sell their house due to stressful situations. As investors we can close very quickly with cash normally in 14 days. The easy sales process is convenient and practical when selling due to:
Sick and tired of renting or tried selling but the house just won’t sell
no desire or ability deal with a home’s structural or HUD issues.
To avoid the risk of foreclosure.
Cash out for divorce or other issue that requires you to liquidate.
Inheritance property that you want to sell to split cash.
Relocation due to school or military.
Job or career transfer or relocation.
Downsizing due to financial difficulties.
Winning the lottery in Arizona.
Or want money to rescue kittens… in other words, if you want to sell your home for whatever reason, and want to do it super fast just go ahead and get in touch with us today.

Go ahead, visit our website right now. http://www.aigrei.com
You see… we want to buy your house just as much as you want to sell your home.

Also calling us is a good idea.
YES. When it comes to selling your home just call us for a free consultation & a no obligation CASH offer. As investors we cannot commit to every single real estate file that comes across our desk for obvious reasons but rest assured that we will not waste your time. If we cannot help in a particular situation we will be straightforward about it. We are very friendly and courteous so please give us a call so we can assess YOUR situation.

We like to create win win situations, to see what we can do for you simply contact us right now.

The phone number to call that came out on our promotional video about buying/selling houses is 602-566-9119.

Vist our website for more information: http://www.aigrei.com

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